"outrageously exhilarating "

Unidentified person. 2015

Hello. This is an introduction to Mr Go monthly news. In a bid to avoid using the dangerously un-sexy phrase of 'Mr Go's Monthly Newsletter' I have named it 'INSIDE MR GO'

If you'd like to get in on that action then this is exactly where you need to be. Just fill in the lovely little form at the very bottom of this page and I can then sell your details to the good old digital pirates in exchange for new crayons and booze. Or, I might just send you mega brilliant inside knowledge and info on what I'm up to, gallery appearances, collection news, launch dates, unseen art and exclusive details from behind the scenes here at The Go Corp. All in a crazy bid to entertain your senses and welcome you onto my special members list.

I aim for it to be monthly affair sent right into your digital boxes around the end of each month, but don't hold me to that, it depends how many crayons and bottles of booze I get hold of that month. 

Form right at the bottom, see you there!